My musical journey

The story goes that when I was 7 years old, I announced to my parents that I wanted to play the guitar and perform at the Royal Albert Hall. So, my very kind parents signed me up for classical guitar lessons and my own musical journey began.

The recorder quickly followed and, as there was an instrument at home and a tutor book, I started to teach myself. However, I got a real shock in my first recorder lesson when the teacher told me that I’d managed to teach myself with my hands the wrong way round! I managed to sort that problem out, but for a while I was a very grumpy recorder player.

The trumpet came next and then the flute and the piano and I was one busy musician. I did various grades on all of these instruments and simply couldn’t get enough of playing and performing.

Off to Uni
It seemed very natural for me to study music after ‘A’ levels and that’s what brought me to Sheffield back in 1989. I did a BMus (Hons) at Sheffield University and got a 2:1 followed by a year at Sheffield Hallam University studying for a P.G.C.E.

I then started work as a junior school teacher where I was involved with recorder groups and choir and school productions such as ‘Oliver’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’ before finishing classroom teaching when I had my two children.

Being a musician in Sheffield
Beginning to teach music lessons from my home gave me flexibility as my children grew. It allowed me to use my skills as a qualified teacher whilst sharing my passion for music and playing. I love my work and I hope that comes across to the pupils I teach.

As for my own musical journey, I am still an active musician myself in Sheffield and enjoy regular opportunities to perform. I have played with most of the amateur orchestras in the city as well as Sheffield flute choir and the flute quartet ‘Northern Flutes’.

Fiona Robinson, music teacher in Sheffield

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